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Our Information & Guidelines

- All dumpster container rentals require payment in advance, by Cash, Credit Card or Check (with Driver's License)

- You or a representative of your family or company MUST be present upon the delivery of the Dumpster/Container

  • You or the representative will be required to sign appropriate dumpster/container rental paperwork
  • Provide instructions regarding the desired placement of the container.

- Rental Pricing: Note --- Each container has a specified weight allowance per ton, per your rental size as follows:

  • 20 Yard Dumpsters/Containers = 4 Ton Allowance at the Landfill
  • 30 Yard Dumpsters/Containers = 6 Ton Allowance at the Landfill
  • If you exceed the weight allowance, you will be billed $45.00 per ton in excess of the weight allowance stated above.
  • We reserve the right to refuse pickup of a Dumpster/Container with EXCESSIVE weight that may be dangerous to our driver or our truck. For example - a dumpster full of concrete, dirt or bricks could be too heavy and we might require that it be partially unloaded for pickup. Therefore - dirt, concrete and/or concrete blocks are NOT permitted.
  • If you overfill a dumpster/container, we WILL NOT pick it up and you will be charged $100 service fee for a second trip.
  • Note: We will contact you before charging for extra rental times, weight overages or extra trips.

- Fill Level: Dumpsters/Containers cannot be filled higher than the fill level (top) of the Dumpster.

  • If we arrive for pickup and the Dumpster is filled above capacity (top), you will be responsible for off-loading items above the fill level, so we can properly tarp the load.
  • If you or a representative are not present, and the dumpster is overfilled, you may be charged a service call of $100 if a second trip is required.

- Dumpster/Container Content Rules and Requirements:

  • We use the local landfill and must abide by their rules -- which are beyond our control. The following CANNOT be placed in the Dumpster/Container: NO Household garbage, NO Chemicals, NO Pressure Treated Wood, NO Wet Paint (you are allowed to pour it out on a piece of wood or cardboard and let it dry, they will also accept the can if it is empty and that remaining paint inside is dry)
  • Possible Surcharges: The Landfill charges $5.00 per tire, $5.00 per television and $3.00 for small appliances

Customer hereby agrees to indemnify and hold North Alabama Dumpsters LLC harmless from any claims for damages that may occur as a result of the company's truck placing the dumpster on client's property, emptying the dumpster, and removing the dumpster including, but not limited to, damage to surface of driveways, water meters, yards, landscaping, fences and culverts. Customer further agrees that it is responsible for any claim for injury to property or person that is in any way related to the dumpster and will indemnify and hold North Alabama Dumpsters LLC harmless for such claims. Customer is responsible for damage to the dumpster while the dumpster is on the customer's property. Customer will reimburse North Alabama Dumpsters LLC for any damage to the dumpster while the dumpster is on the customer's property except for such damages caused to the dumpster by North Alabama Dumpsters LLC.

We appreciate your business!

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